Esthetician Secrets: My Journey to Clear Skin with Dolce Dew

Jun 28, 2024

Hello all skincare & Dolce Dew lovers! My name is Caroline Peterson and I’m an esthetician at Cucumber & Mint in Augusta, Georgia. Lately I have heard that some people think esties have perfect skin. I’m here to put all rumors to rest. That information unfortunately is false. I have textured skin, redness, inflammation, hormonal acne, and enlarged pores from my sebaceous glands. The list can go on. Just like you readers, I am human.

However, there are things on the market that have radically improved these imperfections. I’m a firm believer in the Dolce Dew Clear Skin Serum. My skin eats up niacinamide. Big word, I know. But I like to call niacinamide the “mother” of all ingredients. Whatever you think she can’t do, she can. Redness? Niacinamide. Texture? Niacinamide. Acne? Niacinamide. Fine lines and aging? Niacinamide. If you want me to go on, I will. I think I better call it quits because you all get the picture by now.

Clear Skin Serum was the first product I picked up and I haven’t let it go. Redness is huge to me. I can’t seem to calm it down until I use the Clear Skin Serum and yes, readers, you can use this gorgeous gal both AM & PM. After all, I’m just a medical esthetician, so what do I know!

Something that has made me feel more confident in my skin is the Clear Skin Serum. I hope to see it in your regimen soon too.