6 Questions With Rae Aesthetics Founder Sierra Murphy and Why She Chose Dolce Dew for Her Med Spa

Nov 10, 2023

Sierra Murphy, founder of Rae Aesthetics, sat down with us to share her story, why she chose Dolce Dew to carry at her med spa, and the GLOWING reviews she has been getting! We cover how long she has been in the industry, her favorite Dolce Dew products, and how social media connected her with Crystal, founder of Dolce Dew.

Let’s get to know Sierra!

Sierra Murphy, founder of Rae Aesthetics

How long have you been in the skincare industry?

I graduated from aesthetics school in 2016 and have worked and trained at several med spas over 8 plus years. And one morning, I woke up and said I want to do this on my own and have a med spa. I did just that – best decision I have ever made! When I opened my med spa, I really wanted the name to be authentic and something that makes me show up every day, work hard, and never give up. So, I named it after my daughter, Stella Rae, who I had at eighteen years old.

What is your favorite service you offer at Rae Aesthetics?

Microneedling is my favorite service! It is minimally invasive, requiring little to no downtime, and helps generate new collagen and skin tissue to smooth, firm, and tone skin!

With numerous skincare brands available, what specific qualities or characteristics of Dolce Dew Skin products stood out to you, leading you to choose them over other options?

I started following Crystal on social media, then we met at the Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference in Palm Beach, Florida. We spoke about how she started Dolce Dew and her intense focus on research and skincare formulations. I realized how authentic and driven Crystal is as an entrepreneur and how similar our personalities and passion for skincare are. I knew at that moment I would like to carry her products! 

One of my favorite products that stood out when we met was her Daily Dose Vitamin C. It is always hard to find stable forms of Vitamin C. I have never been a fan of the dropper for Vitamin C and was really focused on the formulation – she perfected it.

What is your favorite Dolce Dew Product?

Ahh, this is so hard! If I were on a stranded island, I would want the Dolce Blue Cleansing Oil, the Dream Cream Vitamin A Retinoid, and of course, the Daily Dose Vitamin C Serum!

In what ways do you believe this partnership enhances your spa’s identity and reputation?

Crystal’s story of how she built Dolce Dew is what made this partnership for me! I'm proud to offer skincare that is backed by science, the time she spent curating and working in the lab, the ingredients and formulation, plus the amazing packaging!

What problems do your clients face, and what services and specific products help them solve these problems? 

Most of my clients say aging and how to help! Some specific products that help with fine lines and wrinkles are the Dream Cream Vitamin A Retinoid and the Daily Dose Vitamin C. And invest in daily SPF! Prevention and protection are so important!

You can check out Rae Aesthetics at https://sierramurphy.glossgenius.com/ or on Instagram @raeaestheticswv