3 Types of Exfoliators

Dec 22, 2022


Exfoliating keeps your skin silky soft and smooth by buffing away and removing dead skin cells. Every 30 days or so our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells and forms new skin cells on your skin. These 3 types of exfoliators help you easily shed those dead skin cells away.

Enzymatic- Digest

Often found in food extracts, Pacman of exfoliants and digesting dead skin cells. Good for all types of skin specially those with sensitive skin.

Manual- Discard

Scrubs or devices (facial brush). Physically discarding skin cells. Many options for different skin types.

Chemical- Dissolve/Detach

Using BHAs and AHAs to dissolve/detach the desomzones that hold skin cells together. Vision a brick wall… Epidermis is the bricks and desomzones are the mortar. BHA for oily/combo and AHA for all skin types.

Find the right exfoliator for you; gorgeous glowing Skin is an exfoliation away.

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